Life Before Albus…

What began as a crazy pipe dream umpteen years ago, grown out of Jamie’s and my love of travel and a desire to go adventuring with the kids, is finally becoming a reality. For months we’ve been coordinating our exit from Dubai; packing, storing, organising and selling…and if I’m being perfectly honest, fighting back tears and dreading farewells. But with a healthy mixture of excitement and trepidation and only a few stolen tears hidden behind inappropriate indoor sunglasses, two weeks ago, we removed the kids from school….the first step in our two year plan! 

And so began our adventure…at least the pre-truck stage (that’s another post for another day) we hopped on a plane to Sri Lanka with three other families, the Dubai ‘gang’, for a farewell holiday and spent a fabulous week chilling, eating, drinking and laughing. We celebrated Halloween, released baby turtles into the sea, got smashed by the Hikkaduwa surf, explored Galle Fort, relaxed with some ayurvedic massage, took a cookery lesson in a remote village and enjoyed seeing the rain for the first time in months. It doesn’t rain much in Dubai in summer…it doesn’t rain much in Dubai at any time of year!

After an amazing week, and enough rice, curry, beer, wine and Talisker to satisfy a village, our mates flew back to Dubai, to school and work, and we headed to a friend’s beautiful beach-fronted villa in Weligama. After months of frantic preparation and organisation, we needed some time to regroup as a family and an opportunity to get our heads round home schooling. 

The kids school (Jumeirah Primary School, Dubai) has been amazing and their class teachers super supportive, but neither Jamie nor I are teachers. Day One, we were fairly organised; following the term planner set out by school and supplementing with online resources. The kids were pretty receptive and excited about the ‘school of Mum and Dad’. Jamie had the kids swimming lengths of the pool whilst learning spelling words, revising 24hr clock in the sand in front of the villa and Lily and I even managed a morning run with times tables practice. Success! Perfect parents, yeah? Home schooling is puff candy, right? Wrong! 

Day Two should have been the same but buoyed by the relative success of day one, I tried introducing a new topic, a maths concept our 6year old had never been exposed too. Let’s just say, Mummy didn’t cope very well! I felt totally out of my depth, unprepared and downright boring. Spencer acted up, I lost the rag and the words ‘..this isn’t for me!’ we’re spoken…at volume!

So let’s see..with time, effort and confidence I’m pretty positive we can continue to shape and nourish our two little minds. That’s the mantra anyway! In the meantime, there is always wine…x

Here are some photos from Sri Lanka with The Gang: